Generation Change at ABP Induction

Dortmund, Germany - April 16, 2015 – Dr. Wolfgang Andree, President of ABP Induction, LLC and Managing Director of ABP Induction Systems GmbH has...


The successful start of a new product developed by ABP

Together with Siemens VAI Metals today PRIMETALS, ABP Induction System GmbH has designed a new flexible system for heating rail heads.A zone...


Epic Success in Induction Furnace Technology:

42 MW highest powered Induction furnace installation in commercial production


Technology Advancements

ABP has developed numerous new applications and processes specifically for the steel industry in 2014.This includes, among other things, a new...



Billet Heater - Type 'EBS'

The EBS medium-frequency billet heater is used for the heating of steel billets (ferromagnetic and austenitic qualities) and non-ferrous metals. more

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